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Свято-Владимирское общество - St. Vladimir Society

Свято-Владимирское общество это та организация, которая заботится о храме-памятнике св. кн. Владимира. Вступая в общество вы обеспечиваете, с Божьей помощью, будущее нашего дорогого и любимого храма. Взнос для вступления и пребывания в обществе 60 долларов в год или 5 долларов в месяц. В Свято-Владимирское общество могут вступить даже те люди, которые являются членами других приходов. Храм-памятник это достояние всего русского зарубежья! 

St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Society of America, Inc. was formed in 1937 to help build the St. Vladimir Memorial Church. Since the completion of the church, the Society has a twofold purpose: the upkeep of the Memorial Church and the missionary witness of the Orthodox faith in America. Today the society is a group of people who pay yearly member dues ($60), are actively involved in church life, and support St. Vladimir Memorial Church in different ways. Members have the right to vote during general meetings of the society. The Board of Directors is also elected from this group. The board makes all important decisions in regards to St. Vladimir Memorial Church and meets at least four times a year. The society is governed by its bylaws as approved by the State of New Jersey. It is not a parish council, but a society that all Orthodox Christians can be a part of while still belonging to their own parish. Please join!



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